Take control of your calories


Can PinnoThin® be taken in combination with prescription medicines?

Many people find that consuming fewer calories is very difficult. Even if they need to get rid of a few pounds or kilograms. The urge to eat and snack are simply too strong! Of course there are many 'diet' and 'light' products that can help reduce calorie intake, but they fail to make you feel full, which leads to further snacking.

One of the most effective ingredients on the market today which can help you control your appetite is PinnoThin®. PinnoThin®.....  

  • The appetite suppressant
  • Can give you control over your appetite 
  • May help to eat less by promoting a feeling of 'fullness' 
  • Scientifically proven to increase the release of satiety hormones e.g. CCK
  • 100% natural
  • Most effective when part of a healthy lifestyle and exercise plan  

Clinical trials have confirmed the effectiveness of PinnoThin®. Stepan Lipid Nutrition thoroughly tested...



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